Membership on the National Fruit Fly Council has been selected to include representatives from industry, state government, research funding bodies, and the Australian Government.

The combined experience of members of the Council ensures that the group understands and considers different crop types and fruit fly management systems from across Australia’s horticulture production regions, as well as research capacity, and market access issues.

Council membership has also been selected to ensure that there is direct experience with the in-field management of both Mediterranean fruit fly and Queensland fruit fly.

Stuart Burgess

National Manager, National Fruit Fly Council

The role of Council members

The role of members is to:

  • Attend regular meetings as required and actively participate in the Council’s work.
  • Build and maintain relationships with government, relevant community groups, affected industries and national forums to fulfil the functions of the Council.
  • Consider: national and international trends; best practice; current industry, government and community capability and experience; scientific knowledge; practicalities; and public opinion.
  • Actively seek to understand the different perspectives and needs across geographic areas and commodity groups and incorporate these into advice made in the national interest.
  • Advise on the health of the national fruit fly system and issues that need to be addressed to implement the National Fruit Fly Strategy.
  • Champion participation and solutions to emerging national fruit fly issues within the national biosecurity system.