The National Fruit Fly Council (NFFC) brings together governments, growers and research funders to oversee implementation of the National Fruit Fly Strategy and to drive delivery of a cost-effective and sustainable approach to managing fruit flies across Australia.

The Council provides leadership and advice on strategic policy, research, development and extension issues around fruit fly, connecting with a range of stakeholders that include the National Biosecurity Committee, Plant Health Committee, Hort Innovation, industry and the community.

The role and functions of the Council are to:

  • Coordinate and provide leadership for fruit fly efforts across Australia, promoting a shared responsibility among key stakeholders for strengthening and harmonising the Australian fruit fly management system.
  • Develop and maintain the National Fruit Fly Strategy to present a contemporary view of the direction and key activities necessary to strengthen the capability, capacity and resilience of Australia’s fruit fly management system and for maximising outcomes from RD&E investments.
  • Oversee the implementation of the National Fruit Fly Strategy, including reviewing and reporting on progress to stakeholders.
  • Advise on the contribution of proposed fruit fly research to the advancement of the National Fruit Fly Strategy and engage with research groups to understand and stocktake research activities.
  • Advise on strategic fruit fly management issues and activities, promoting consistency with international standards, minimisation of duplication, and support for Australia’s market access opportunities.
  • Engage with relevant industry, government, research and community stakeholders to develop positions that reflect the national interests in fruit fly management that are integrated into the national biosecurity system.
  • Promote the importance of fruit fly management through the NFFC Communications Strategy.
  • Report to the Plant Health Committee and Hort Innovation.

The National Fruit Fly Council is convened through Plant Health Australia, the national coordinator of the government-industry partnership for plant biosecurity in Australia.

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