A key role of the National Fruit Fly Council is to oversee the implementation of the 2020-25 National Fruit Fly Strategy. To do this, Council collects the key fruit fly activities that have already been planned and resourced by stakeholders each year and collates these into implementation plans.

Stakeholders recently reported against their fruit fly activities, and we are pleased to present a record of the significant achievements across Australia in the last twelve months in our Annual Report for the 2020-21 Implementation Plan.

We also acknowledge plans for the future in the new 2021-22 Implementation Plan which is progressively including activities nominated by key industries to more fully capture the efforts being made across the national fruit fly system. These documents and our ongoing engagement activities with stakeholders have helped identify national priorities and we will be spot-lighting these priorities with decision-makers in the coming months.

The 2020-21 Annual Report and new 2021-22 Implementation Plan is available on the Prevent Fruit Fly website.