Vinehealth Australia has released a new and comprehensive resource for the South Australian wine industry – a Biosecurity Bulletin titled ‘Vintage requirements for fruit fly in South Australia’.

There are currently multiple fruit fly outbreaks in South Australia’s Riverland and metropolitan Adelaide areas with end dates for the lifting of movement requirements set for late December 2021. There is a possibility that these end dates may be extended into the 2022 vintage period.

Winegrapes are a host for Queensland fruit fly and Mediterranean fruit fly. Accordingly in the event of a fruit fly outbreak, it is mandatory that growers, wineries and carriers comply with:

  • operational requirements applicable to vineyard practices, and
  • movement requirements applicable to winegrapes moving between vineyards and wineries or processing facilities.

Vinehealth’s new Biosecurity Bulletin enables you to familiarise yourself with these requirements and the options available to you to meet them – whether your business is inside a current Fruit Fly Affected Area (FFAA), receiving winegrapes grown inside a current FFAA, or considering your options to prepare your business for a fruit fly outbreak in the state.

The bulletin takes you through all you need to know to prepare your business for a fruit fly outbreak, or to respond to an outbreak, in a logical stepwise approach.

You can also find this information on Vinehealth’s webpages relating to the current Riverland fruit fly outbreaks and Metropolitan Adelaide fruit fly outbreaks.

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