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Fruit flies continue to devastate our horticultural industry by attacking a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

These pests not only threaten Australian farmers’ livelihoods, but also impact home-grown produce. Everyone has a role to play to stop the spread of fruit fly and raising awareness of basic everyday actions to support the control of fruit fly from a young age, is crucial.

The South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) has developed a range of resources available for school site leaders in fruit fly affected areas, and teachers in any area. These resources are perfect to use in the classroom, around the school and when communicating with parents and carers about fruit fly.

The Buzz Off Fruit Fly booklet is just one of the excellent tools that provide an easy to understand introduction to fruit flies and what to look out for. It explores the impact of fruit fly in your own home garden and offers practical tips such as how to identify fruit flies and the importance of putting fruit in green bins rather than composting.

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