• Proposed regulatory decision regarding the use of malathion image

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has published a proposed regulatory decision for the reconsideration of malathion (also known as maldison). This insecticide is used for the control of pests, including fruit fly, in various broadacre and horticultural crops, vegetables, ornamental plants and for veterinary and domestic uses.

The APVMA is proposing to:

  • retain malathion as an insecticide and acaricide for use in domestic, agricultural and veterinary situations
  • vary and affirm several aspects of the active constituent approvals
  • vary and affirm a number of the product registrations and label approvals.

The closing date for public submissions is 23 February 2023.

For further information on the proposed decisions and the opportunity to provide comment, please refer to the links below.

Malathion proposed regulatory decision

Public consultation