• NFFC Think Tank Series – Webinar 3 image

Join us for the third instalment of our Think Tank Webinar Series on Thursday 15 June from 1.00 – 2.30pm, to discuss fruit fly and safe trade.

Themed ‘Enabling safe cross-border trade with improved risk science tools’ webinar #3 will be presented by CSIRO’s Dr Rieks van Klinken, Research Leader of the Biosecurity Program. and Jane Muller, Engagement consultant, Agricultural exports.

Sound market access arrangements are integral to avoiding the spread of fruit flies in Australia. CSIRO’s foundational research on systems approaches has generated a suite of new methods and models that biosecurity regulators and industry can use to better assess and manage phytosanitary risks related to trade.

The presentation will outline how CSIRO’s phytosanitary risk toolkit can transform our approach to market access and biosecurity. Jane and Rieks will discuss how the tools have been applied to design a phytosanitary systems approach to manage Queensland fruit fly in cherries, and which elements of the system and supporting science are particularly innovative (and challenging for regulators!).

Looking towards the future, they will also discuss the Safe Trade and Managed Pathways projects that bring together Australia’s core stakeholders in biosecurity and market access. The prospect of optimising fruit fly risk management by harnessing data and emerging technologies already available in commercial supply chains, will also be explored.

Registrations close 5pm Tuesday 13 June, 2023. Register below.