Area wide management means gardeners and growers work all year round to keep the fruit fly species under control—not just at harvest time.

Local grower groups are encouraged to work with their local councils to help educate residential communities about how to manage their gardens against fruit fly.

A regional unified approach can protect not only our garden but our neighbour’s garden, as well as our Australian farmers.

Traps are a simple and effective way to identify your area’s fruit fly population.

Fruit flies become attracted to the trap by a wick filled with a male sex attractant placed inside the trap.

Many traps are available that catch fruit flies to varying levels, with yellow traps proving more attractive to the fruit flies than green, red or blue traps.

While two traps can be placed per hectare, it’s important to note that you should try and attach your trap on the eastern side of the tree—this will reduce intense summer sunlight.

See our detailed trap guide on our control methods page.

For further information visit the Area Wide Management website.