1 December 2015

Australian Interstate Quarantine

Restrictions on the movement of agricultural products between and within states mean that it’s important to have a resource that outlines what can and cannot be moved.

With that in mind, Quarantine Domestic has recently updated the booklet Australian Interstate Quarantine to help you check what you can and can’t take across state and quarantine borders and avoid on-the-spot fines.

The booklet helps everyone play their role in safeguarding Australian producers from the threats posed by diseases, pests and weeds that can be spread from one part of Australia to another through the movement of:

  • plant or plant products
  • fruit and vegetables
  • animals or animal products
  • soil
  • agricultural machinery and other equipment
  • recreational equipment.

Whether you are travelling on holiday, a home gardener, setting up a small scale farm, thinking of shifting your focus to growing other crops, or want to gain access to new markets, you can use the guide to meet local regulations. Following the rules about moving the items listed above will help minimise the risk to Australia’s unique environments and valuable agricultural markets.

Information on any movement restrictions and protected areas or restriction zones within each state or territory are also listed, along with contact numbers for further information.

A quick check of the guide before travelling or transporting goods can help avoid any on-the-spot fines that may apply. A quick check of the guide before travelling or transporting goods can help avoid any on-the-spot fines that may apply.

For some items the answer is not a simple yes or no. More information might be required or is might be necessary to obtain a permit or certificate to carry the item when travelling or sending material to a particular state or territory.

It is important to make sure relatives and friends are aware of limitations too. The guide recommends travellers use the interstate quarantine bins at domestic airports, ferry terminals and state and quarantine zone borders to dispose of restricted materials and avoid giving a pest or disease a free ride into new areas.Movement restrictions are changed from time-to-time, so you can also check for updates to restrictions online at interstatequarantine.org.au or by calling 1800 084 881 (during business hours Mon-Fri).

Hard copies of the guide are available at many visitor information centres and other tourism sites, by calling 1800 084 881 or you can download a pdf copy.

More information about the ICA scheme and the contact details for plant quarantine regulators is available from the Australian Interstate Quarantine website.