• 15 fruit fly system workshops held image

Fruit fly poses a considerable threat to our horticultural trade affecting 99% of our total fruit production value, 59% of our fruit and vegetable production value and 42% of our total horticultural production value. For an industry worth more than $15 billion and growing, this is a significant issue with a substantial amount of dollars at stake.
How we respond to this threat is framed within the context of our fruit fly system. To build a shared understanding of the system and the effect of fruit fly on trade, a series of 15 tailored workshop sessions were recently held with key stakeholders across the country. Participants included trade organisations, horticultural industries, and government.

The presentation “A healthy national fruit fly system” explored the roles we play in maintaining an effective and integrated fruit fly system, and how each of these contribute to upholding and enhancing Australia’s horticultural trade position.

In many ways this is analogous to a sporting team where each player has a position to play to. Irrespective of how good a player an individual is, to succeed they need to understand the role of each position, how they can best support them, and how they in turn can support us.
Over the coming months we’ll share and explore some of the key components which make up our fruit fly system and the roles played within it, as well as how we can support each other to succeed and ultimately enhance our trade position.

For further information please contact us at fruitfly@phau.com.au